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Vzor odmítacího dopisu pro Intercable Verlag AG a CEA Register

15. 7. 2009


Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to your last letter dated 15th May 2009, in which you requested payment of the sum of 690 EUR and with reference to an enclosed copy of “Order” (in fact it was simple form) which was completed and signed by one of our employee, we would respond as follows:

Firstly, there is no doubt that this form was signed in error since you had given the inaccurate impression that this form was an entry / update for the official exhibitors' directory of the trade fair in question and was free of charge. There were free columns of “Type and size of the Insertion”, “place and date” and “Price of the Insertion”. These free columns were filled in after our signature.

Secondly, you called signed “form for a free update” a legally binding and irrevocable contract / order for paid advertisement. We dispute that the form we signed can be binding, since you omitted to meet the necessary obligations of legal contract such as exact identification of both contractual parties, specification of subject-matter of a contract, missing signature of other contractual party, missing general terms and condition, using English language instead of official Slovak language, etc.

Since the error was caused by you and was material in leading to conclusion of the contract, we contest the contract – in so far as a contract indeed even came into being– on the basis of error. We use our legal right according to Art. 23 of the Swiss Civil Code (Zivilgesetzbuch) and within one year period from finding out that we have been brought into an error, we do feel we were mislead by false and we consider mentioned “contract / order” invalid, null and not legally obliged.

We also have to ask you to stop using name and description of our company in your catalogues, database, books, web sites and in every other media, public or internal and to delete our company immediately.

Please note that we have sent you all unordered books we obtained by mail back and we have to kindly ask you not to deliver any kind of documents, letters, books or any other product of yours to our company anymore.

We therefore expect to receive no more illegal claims.

Finally, we would like to inform you, that we know how your “publishing house” operates and we have several very negative statements referring to your company from Swiss embassy, Ministry of Commerce or European Commission. If you will not desist from your bothering actions, we do not hesitate to make an announcement to Commercial inspection, Medias or even make a complaint for criminal proceeding.

Yours faithfully




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